“NIGHT CAP”!!!Ommgggg
Although it is marketed more towards men, I think any woman with a nose will more than appreciate this beautiful aroma! I mean the name says it all lol''

Ashley C.

"Aris Dean offers complexity in the simplest of forms. Beyond being "Essential to the energy of the day" it is essential to every living space humanly possible.

The aromatics of Aris Dean transcends beyond your average candle. The candle wicks are sturdy and dependable and the scent it provides is everlasting. I've had the pleasure of purchasing from numerous collections featuring Aye Papi, Mister, and White Sage. A favorite pastime of mine is burning the White Sage candle in accompaniment with my eucalyptus steam shower or burning Aye Papi to mask the smell of the pungent but delectable curry I cooked up days prior. During these unprecedented times, we all need something that can assist us with unwinding from a taxing day. Let Aris Dean be that for you as it is for me. Buying candles from commercial stores is a thing of the past with Aris Dean in existence.

It should be noted, if you are without a significant other, as I am, the aromas of Aris Dean's Mister and Aye Papi provide those sultry desirables without the headache. These candles have encapsulated all of what one could ask of."

Jasmine H.

"The candles are amazing!!!! I bought four and I love them all so far. I’m currently burning Jamaica me Crazy and it smells like heaven. Even after I blow the flame out the scent fills up a whole room even the next day if I leave the lid off. And it’s a black woman owned business, 10/10 would recommend!!!

Candice B.

"Good Morning I'm in love with Day at The Spa, but this morning I'm trying White Sage to start my day I've been reading the comments and I kinda wanna try Jamaica Me Crazy and Mister"

Rita C.


"Aris Dean candles are absolutely wonderful and a MUST have in your home. I love all of the scents available, but could not decide between Day at the Spa and Mister, so I got both! These candles offer such a lovely and subtle scent that can still fill the room and give off great lighting. They're the perfect addition to my home and help create a relaxing atmosphere. Not to mention, I appreciate the smooth and easy ordering process as well as the nice and safe packaging for these delicate candles. I'm already preparing my second order and looking forward to sharing these candles as gifts to my family and friends! Thank you Aris Dean! "

Alexis K., PA-C, MPH

"I ordered the Jamaica Me Crazy candle, and it’s smells so heavenly.  I would buy an entire array of products with this scent if you were to make them available.  My husband really likes the scent too.
Thank you again, I’m definitely in love with my candle!

Vanessa C.

''I am absolutely in love with Aris Dean candles! The mango smells amazing and makes my whole bedroom smell like a tropical paradise! Definitely my new go to when I need a self-care moment or just want to feel like I'm on vacation''

Jacy S.

''Golden Hour- 10/10 recommend out of all the candles I ordered this one is forsure my favorite! its a heavy tropical scent but it isnt just the basic coconut type of tropical scent. It has hints of pineapple maybe even mango. Also love the way it burns it lasts so long and the smell lingers and I love it ! My whole house will smell like a vacation!

Mango Coconut- This is my go to candle for my guest room. It smells clean but yummy at the same time so it is a very welcoming scent. Definitely lighter in aroma. It isn't as thick of a smell like Golden Hour but it fills the room perfectly.

White sage - So relaxing so fresh so light. If you like to bubble bathe then this is perfect. I think the blend of scents in this one really pair well with each other sage in my opinion is very strong and can smell a lot like cologne but not in this it is defused by other blends and it make the sage very calm and light which is why it gives me a very relaxing feel / scent. 

Jamaica me crazy - Tropical vibes all day this one reminds me a lot of golden hour but its not as thick in scent and also kind of sweeter . It almost has a candy scent. It also has a clean scent which makes me love to light this one while I am cleaning. I leave it in my living room because it smells very inviting and I love that it's very warm and cozy. I am making this my fall candle.

Over all I love the blends they aren't to strong and they aren't overwhelming . They burn evenly and the scents really fill up an area they don't just burn . It is very well made and worth every penny.''

Deserae M.

"What can I say about Aris Dean Candles....they set the stage for any mood I’m in. If I need to unwind I do “White Sage”, if I’m need to bring my sexy back, I do “Aye Papi” or “Night Cap” or if I’m in a fancy free mood, “Jamaica Me Crazy” or “Mango Coconut”. Love that they are soy-based and safe for the environment and works well in any aesthetic decor....get your vibe on!!!''

Erikka E.

"Mister has a really good, strong manly fragrance that I definitely like. I wish the fragrance was able to be a little stronger the fill the room"

Tyler L.

“Just bought my first Aris Dean candle and it smells like heaven was put in a candle. My home smells amazing. I look forward to trying out all the other fragrances.”

Samsara S., BSN, RN, CANS

''The candle gave a sexy vibe and still made a brotha feel manly at the same time.''

Christian C.

''I loved the candle it smelled awesome and wasn’t too strong . Ayy papi! 

Kayla F.


Be kind to yourself.